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Sydney safety switch installation

Safety Switch Installation

Sydney safety switch installation With Sydney Local Electricians, your safety is our number one priority. Many Australian homes don’t have safety switches and it’s important to understand the difference between a circuit breaker switch (which are designed to protect the appliances and electrical fittings in your home) and a safety switch (which turns off the power instantly, protecting human life). If you are worried about your children or pets playing with plugs or power points or getting an appliance wet, you should call a Sydney safety switch installation electrician. Safety switch installation should be at the top pf your list as it will ensure their safety as it cuts out the power, completely averting electric shocks. Sydney Local Electricians are the Sydney safety switch installation specialists in the immediate area and surrounding suburbs. You may be asking, “But why do I need a safety switch?” The reason is safety and protection for your family. Just because your switchboard has circuit breakers doesn’t mean that it has safety switches. The difference is that safety switches will have a test button, while normal circuit breakers do not. Before you get a Sydney safety switch installation team, you should understand that safety switches are also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs). They help to protect you and your family against the most frequent causes of electrocution. While the laws in each state and territory are different, Sydney Local Electricians recommend that all circuits in all homes have safety switch installation completed. These circuits include, power points, lights, stove, the hot water system, pool and air conditioner as an example. Our Sydney safety switch installation team can do it for you. On a normal power circuit, the current flowing to an appliance returns through the neutral wire. If the circuit is disrupted, the electricity can leak to earth through a person in contact with the appliance, causing serious injury. A safety switch detects the loss of power from the circuit and cuts the supply of electricity in as little as 30 milliseconds. This response time is faster than a human heartbeat and therefore significantly reduces the risk injury. The safety switch monitors the electricity flow through a circuit and immediately shuts off the electricity supply when they detect electrical current flowing through faulty switches, bad wiring or damaged electrical appliances. Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to protect the appliances and electrical fittings in your home. They do not protect human life and will seldom shut off the power in the event of electric shock. Only safety switches will cut the power to a circuit in the event of earth leakage and our Sydney safety switch installation are experts in doing this for you. New laws now mean that you need safety switches on lights as well as power points, meaning a minimum of two per switchboard. You might already have a safety switch but your safety switch trips out your whole house when it jumps into action. Sydney Local Electricians can help you fix this problem! By using us for a Sydney safety switch installation to install additional safety switches, it is possible to isolate a faulty circuit. This ensures that if one trips such as the safety switch on your power points, you will still have power to lights and other appliances. Sydney Local Electricians also recommend that you test you safety switch every three months. Push the safety switch “Test” button and it should shut off the power for that particular circuit. If it fails or cannot be turned back on, call us and we will be able to inspect the problem for you. Please also remember that if your house was built before 1977 it is unlikely to have an earth rod and you should seriously consider having a safety switch installed. Under the current Australian standards, a safety switch is manufactured to last for 4,000 tests. Even with testing every three months, safety switches should last a lifetime. For safety switch installation, call the team at Sydney Local Electricians on 02 9746 2435 or make an enquiry with our easy online booking system to do a Sydney safety switch installation for you. See our Sydney safety switch installation blog here.